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Andreea Buga, Msc.


Andreea Buga
Research Fellow

Research Interests

  • Cloud Computing
  • Abstract State Machines
  • Ambient Calculus


Curriculum Vitae


[1] Andrei Vasilateanu and Andreea Buga. Asthmate - supporting patient empowerment through location-based smartphone applications. In Control Systems and Computer Science (CSCS), 2015 20th International Conference on, pages 411-417, May 2015.
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[2] Andreea Buga. A scalable monitoring solution for large-scale distributed systems. In Roberto Moreno-D√≠az, Franz Pichler, and Alexis Quesada-Arencibia, editors, Computer Aided Systems Theory ‚Äď EUROCAST 2015, volume 9520 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 219-227. Springer International Publishing, 2015.
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[3] Andreea Buga. A scalable monitoring solution for large-scaledistributed systems. In A. Quesada-Arencibia et al., editors, Extended Abstracts of the Fifthteenth International Conference on Computer Aided Systems Theory (EUROCAST 2015), pages 67 - 68. Gran Canaria, Spain, 2015.
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[4] Andrei Vasilateanu, Ioan Cosmin Radu, and Andreea Buga. Environment crowd-sensing for asthma management. In E-Health and Bioengineering Conference (EHB), 2015, pages 1-4, Nov 2015.
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[5] Andreea Buga. A timestamp algorithm approach for offline data synchronization in mobile computing. Master's thesis, Johannes Kepler Universität Linz, July 2014.
  title = {A Timestamp Algorithm Approach for Offline Data Synchronization in Mobile Computing},
  author = {Buga, Andreea},
  school = {Johannes Kepler Universit\"{a}t Linz},
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  abstract = {Database synchronization has been one of the topics of main interest in the case of systems working with distributed databases. The problem has become even more important nowadays due to the growth and spread of mobile devices. If at its beginning, database synchronization issues was more oriented towards conflicts resolution, lately more subtle details are approached. These details are related with the bandwidth consumption or offline working mode. The current thesis proposes a solution for offline data synchronization of distributed mobile applications. It starts with a general framework from which a particular solution has been implemented. As the literature in this area contains a wide work, several algorithms have been analyzed from the point of view of their advantages and disadvantages. Mobile devices limitations were taken into account as an important aspect during the analysis. The main synchronization algorithm has on its fundamentals the time stamp ap- proach. The changes performed on it aim to reduce the data volume exchanged during the synchronization and reduce the computational efforts on the client side. The particular solution that accompanies this paper is an Android mobile application that follows the guidelines of proposed synchronization system architecture. It has been developed as an extension to an already existing system and therefore, several important constraints have been encountered. Due to the fact that the server side was a black - box, the main focus was put on the client side of the application. The synchronization process has been mainly handled on the client side, but better results are obtained if some processes were shifted to the server side. The general framework addresses solutions for both server and client side. However, the practical application that accompanies the paper was mostly oriented towards the mobile device client. As no work could be done on the server side and the client side could only call the server API function, we consider this aspect a limitation that can be solved on other similar systems. The current thesis can be considered an important point of extending the research field of offline database synchronization. Distributed mobile application could benefit of an efficient synchronization of the databases they use. Further improvements and changes can be done so that the algorithm will fit to a specific problem.},
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[6] Andreea Buga. Supporting Patient Empowerment Through ICT. Universitatea Politehnica, Bucuresti, Romania, July 2013.
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[7] C. Buiu, A Buga, and AM. Coman. Teaching robotics and virtual reality in a synergistic approach. In e-Learning in Industrial Electronics (ICELIE), 2013 7th IEEE International Conference on, pages 71-75, Nov 2013.
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