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Accepted Papers

Accepted papers will be announced after March 15. For more information see Important Dates.

The omnipresence of software-intensive high-assurance systems, from transportation to industrial informatics and from power generation to health care, is escalating over the period of time. However, the safety-critical, distributed, heterogeneous, dynamic and often unpredictable nature of such systems produces several complex challenges. Formal methods are often solicited to help solve these problems. However, due to the sheer complexity, systems (or parts of systems) often need to be modeled and analyzed by using different methods, techniques and tools. The problem is then how different formal approaches can interact with each other in seamless manners, and how to support the integrated use of different methods and their supporting tools along the system development.

The main goal of the proposed workshop is to contribute towards harnessing the combined potential of state- and machine-based system development methods, clarifying their commonalities and variabilities to better understand how to achieve the integrated use of different approaches and tools for accomplishing various tasks in modeling, design, verification and validation of high-assurance hardware/software systems. The workshop platform would also provide an excellent opportunity to FM developers and practitioners to discuss how existing tools supporting only one method could be (re-)used for other methods and which gaps must be filled in order to provide this extended support.