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Research Institute Symbolic Computation (RISC)

The RISC is an institute of the Johannes-Kepler-University Linz. It was founded by Professor Bruno Buchberger in 1987 and is currently chaired by Professor Peter Paule. The faculty of RISC consists of 19 members supervising about 25 international PhD students and several Master students in mathematics and computer science. RISC pursues research, education, and the industrial application of symbolic computation, a subarea of mathematics and computer science solving problems on symbolic objects representable on a computer such as algebraic expressions, logical propositions, and computer programs, integrating them in many advanced software systems for computer algebra, computer-aided design, computer-supported reasoning, and system specification and verification.

Research at RISC is done in the following main directions: computer algebra (design and implementation of algorithms that operate on algebraic expressions), computational logic (specification, management, and derivation of knowledge expressed in the language of symbolic logic) and mathematical software (development of various symbolic computation software such as it occurs in computer algebra systems and theorem provers).

The RISC PhD program offers in the first year training in symbolic computation (students attend courses from the RISC curriculum introducing themselves to the scientific topics pursued at RISC) and after this probational period they are integrated into various projects and work in closed contact with internationally recognized researchers and with fellow students on their PhD topics at the scientific forefront.

Researchers from RISC will participate directly in the research programme of the CD laboratory for cloud computing focusing particularly on formal model building, validation, formal verification, and complexity analysis.