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The Department of Software Engineering, represented by Professors Heinz Dobler, Johann Heinzelreiter, Werner Kurschl and Stefan Wagner, and the Department of Secure Information Systems, represented by Professors Jürgen Fuß, Eckehard Hermann, Robert Kolmhofer, Ingrid Schaumüller, and Markus Zeilinger in the School of Informatics, Communications, and Media will act as partners in the proposed Christian Doppler Laboratory for Cloud Computing.

The Department of Software Engineering provides its expertise in the areas:

  1. Software Engineering Fundamentals: programming languages, algorithms, parallel and distributed systems
  2. Design and Architecture: frameworks, component-oriented programming, aspect-oriented programming (AOP), web engineering, service engineering and service-oriented architectures (SOA), model-driven architectures (MDA), cloud computing platforms, cloud architectures, work flow, interoperability, mobile computing applications
  3. Data-intensive scientific discovery: database concepts, data mining and machine learning, performance testing and optimization, business intelligence

The Department of Secure Information Systems provides its expertise in the areas:

  1. Security of service oriented architecture und web services security: identity federation, end to end security and trust management. Currently one of our main research subjects concerns the mapping of security models to business processes and their implementation as service oriented architectures.
  2. Network and communication security: currently we focus our activities on anomaly and misuse detection in distributed environments for using in early warning systems.
  3. Risk management and security management: evaluation of risk analysis methods and development of new RARM methods, vulnerability and threat analysis, security metrics and economics of information security; security audits and certification
  4. Implementation of parallel Cryptographic Algorithms in distributed computing environments: current focus on implementing distributed algorithms on computing nodes using their GPU-hardware (Crypto Grid and CuteForce Analyzer)