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The CMS 2012 workshop is held in conjunction with the 31st International Conference on Conceptual Modelling (ER 2012).

The CMS workshop aims to bring together researchers in the areas of services computing, services science, business process modelling, and conceptual modelling. The emphasis of this workshop is on the intersection of the rather new, fast growing services computing and services science paradigms with the well established conceptual modelling area.

Typical topics of research papers can be (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Conceptual models for integrated design and delivery of value bundles (i.e. services and physical goods);
  • Formal methods for services computing / services science;
  • Foundation of business process modelling, integration and management;
  • Modelling languages / techniques for services;
  • Modelling of semantic services;
  • Modelling support for service integration -- within a single domain; across multiple domains; with legacy applications; etc.
  • Personalisation of services;
  • Quality of service modelling;
  • Reference models for service-oriented systems;
  • Semantics of service-oriented systems;
  • Service composition planning and verification;
  • Service computing process modelling, transformation and integration;
  • Service development process modelling;
  • Service ontologies and ontology alignment;
  • User interfaces for assisted service modelling; and
  • Work-flow modelling.